A Good Sammy {A Recipe}

I’m a gal who loves to make multiple meals out of one meal. For example, make a ham (that’s one meal), use leftover ham in your morning eggs (that’s another meal), make ham sandwiches with more leftover ham (on Hawaiian rolls with homemade honey-mustard…that’s a THIRD meal), repeat several of those (that’s several more meals), then use the ham bone to flavor bean soup! Seriously…it’s the epitome of frugal & food loving! lol…

That being said, another fave in our house is corned beef. I typically boil it, with the seasonings it comes with, for about 3 hours. Then, you trim off the excess fat and cut across the grain (just trust me on that part). For leftovers, there’s always Ruben Casserole (recipe to come some other time). And then, for a quick (and might I say AH-MAZING) dinner…Ruben Sandwiches!

Super simple. I toast & butter some Jewish Rye bread (though French bread will work in a pinch). I warm up some sliced corned beef with some swiss cheese (til cheese is melted). Place on one side of toasted bread. Add sauerkraut (I preheat with a little bit of brown sugar…so it’s not overly sour). I occasionally add mustard. Place together & you are ready to go! Mmmmmm….mmmmm…deeee-LISH! <3

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Smoked Sausage (Kielbasa) Casserole {Grandma’s Recipe}

I love my Grandma’s recipes & her cooking. Now then…I’m not sure that ALL of these are her recipes…but I do know that these were some of her favorites. With that being said, here is a fantastic recipe for those moments when you are short on time…a “one pot wonder!” Here is Gram’s recipe for Kielbasa casserole…


12 oz. Kielbasa (I use beef…Grandma used whatever was on sale!)

1# red potatoes

2 medium onions

2 green bell peppers

1/2 c. whipping cream

1/4 c. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1/4 tsp. salt

1/4 tsp. pepper

First, cut your kielbasa into about 1″ chunks. Then cut your potatoes, onions & green bell peppers into large chunks as well. Put into a roasting pan & toss with olive oil, salt & pepper. Bake in covered dish at 350° for 45 minutes. Stir in whipping cream & bake for 10 minutes more! Serve with a green salad & rolls & you’ve got dinner!! :)

Excuse the Instagram photos…I’ve been lazy about my cooking photos lately! I’ll try to get better at that! ;)

Butternut Squash Soup–Quick Dinner Alert!

When I was in Texas last November, we ate at a fabulous restaurant called South Congress Cafe! Everyone had the BEST food! They had the best Migas, which was a breakfast dish of scrambled eggs, tortillas, black beans, a DEE-LISH sauce & who knows what else. Seriously delicious breakfast, and it beat the other local places’ attempts by FAR! My hubby had some amazing blackened fish (can’t remember now what kind), but it came out in bite-sized pieces that were cooked to perfection with just the right spice blend. My other sissy got some fantastic shrimp cocktail & I got the best thing of all…butternut squash soup, with one of the yummiest side salads ever. Now, I’m not much of a salad girl, unless it’s a really green leafy salad with lots of yummy toppings, preferably lots of veggies or fruit & berries. But I’m most definitely a soup girl. I could eat soup year-round, including the hot California summers! To top it off, a butternut squash creamy soup is just unbelievable. It was so creamy, with a hint of olive oil, black pepper & fresh parmesan cheese. I knew I wouldn’t forget it anytime soon. So when I came back to Cali & visited my fave organic store, Goodwin’s Organics, I came across a boxed version of the same type of soup. Butternut squash. I bought a few boxes, warmed it up, added a drizzle of EVOO, some freshly cracked pepper and some freshly shredded Pecorino Romano cheese and voilà! I had my own version of South Congress Cafe’s wonderful soup! It only took MINUTES to prepare & it was amazing! :) Try it tonight with some salad and warm bread for a quick, delicious meal!


Box of soup from Goodwin's Organics in Riverside, CA.


Butternut Squash Soup with Pecorino Romano Cheese


Butternut Squash Soup-- A Quick Dinner!