Cherry Blossom Styled Bridal Shoot

I recently had the pleasure of working with the extraordinary Michelle Hébert yet again. She is a couture gown designer & I’m constantly astonished by her creations! Honestly…I know how to sew a straight line & I think that’s pretty exciting stuff! So to see her DESIGN & sew such detailed gowns just takes my breath away. They are so flowy & feminine & spectacular! I can’t speak enough about them & I’m determined to see her be the next couture wedding gown designer (no matter whether or not that’s her dream!! lol…)!

Add to that some super sweet & GORGEOUS models, Angel Lin & Libby Carlton, along with the fantastic hair & make-up of Raquel Makes Faces & the loveliness of a cherry orchard in bloom…ahhhhhh, it was a FAB day! Thanks to all who participated. And an extra special thanks to Cherry Acres, who allowed us to shoot in their lovely cherry orchard in Beaumont, California. Let’s not forget Shawl Dawls, who let us borrow their gorgeous Beaded Wedding Shawl!!!!

Here are some of my favorite shots from the day…

I’ll start with a little BTS (Behind-the-Scenes) shots…

And a few lovely shots of our designer! Because she makes these gorgeous gowns, I decided she must don one for a photo!! ;)

And one more set of the lovely Michelle…

We also had a wonderful contribution from Amber Winters, owner of the etsy shop, Alarish. She designs invitations and I thought it would be nice to incorporate a lovely cherry blossom themed invite! She did a fantastic job & here are a few shots of the invite! More photos to come in a separate post…

After our time in the cherry orchard, we came back to my home, changed to two other dresses, also designed & crafted by Michelle & had a few more minutes of fun! The last few are edited a bit differently than my normal style as I felt it gave them a more magical, mystical fairy-like feel. To me, they looked like pixies spending their day trying to make mischief! ;)

Here are the few with different processing…I felt I had to do something more whimsical & I think it works here.








  1. These are gorgeous! ;)

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