Skip the Mashed Potatoes…WHAT? {A Pinterest Recipe}

I’m from the Midwest. I LOVE potatoes. Particularly mashed potatoes. Particularly with whole milk (or heavy cream). And butter. Yum, yum & YUUUUUM! BUT, when I came across this recipe for Mashed Cauliflower, I became interested. I cannot wait to try this. If you try it before me or have tried it already, I’d LOVE [...]


{Recipes} Carne Empanizada (Breaded Fried Steak)

Heather of All Trades

I give the Spanish name for this recipe first, because that is how I learned it. I learned it from my mama-in-law & this was the name of the dish. It is a very thin breaded, fried steak! It is sooooo delicious! For this, I go to our local Mexican market to purchase the meat. [...]


Butternut Squash Soup–Quick Dinner Alert!

Box of soup from Goodwin's Organics in Riverside, CA.

When I was in Texas last November, we ate at a fabulous restaurant called South Congress Cafe! Everyone had the BEST food! They had the best Migas, which was a breakfast dish of scrambled eggs, tortillas, black beans, a DEE-LISH sauce & who knows what else. Seriously delicious breakfast, and it beat the other local [...]


Green Beans & Grammy’s Garden


At our house, my mama (“Grammy” or “Grandma Beth” to my kids) likes to garden. Last year, she had an amazing organic garden in raised beds, with one in-ground bed specially dug up for her. I just wanted to share a few pics of the fruits of her labor! She’s been gardening throughout my whole [...]